10 Reasons You Need BEETROOT in Your Life.

1. When you think Beetroot, you automatically see the rich PINK colour. Think: ANTIOXIDANTS. They prevent chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer (when eaten in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle).
2. Full of fibre- helps keep your bowels regular. When you’re eliminating waste more effectively, your skin tends to glow!
3. Contains the nutrient BETAINE which can help our stomach function more effectively. Betaine helps our stomach create the right amount of stomach acid to digest our food.
4. Helps your body make more NITRIC OXIDE. Sounds bad, but it’s actually a good thing, especially if high blood pressure runs in your family. Nitric oxide helps our blood vessels dilate, which may help prevent high blood pressure.
5. Helps build healthy blood in ANAEMIC PEOPLE. Beetroot is high in essential blood building minerals, plus helps to maintain balanced blood volume.
6. High in ALPHA LIPOIC ACID- very helpful for those PCOS ladies or anyone who has blood glucose irregularities.
7. High in CHOLINE – an essential nutrient for liver detoxification.
8. Naturally sweet, yet low in sugar compared to some fruits. Great to use in baking such as brownies and chocolate cake to increase the nutrient content (the kids won’t even know it’s in there)
9. Helps athletic performance and stamina. Beetroot juice has been found in some studies to increase cellular oxygenation. This means, you can go harder for longer periods of time after the consumption of beetroot juice.

10. It tastes amazing not matter which way you eat it/drink it. Try roasting and add to salads, add to your favourite fresh juice or smoothie, grate some through your evening veggies, use the juice as natural food colouring in kids birthday cakes!

There really is SO much to love about beetroot.

How do you like yours?