Amy Mingin

Amy Mingin

Naturopath, Yogini, Wife, Mum of two.


It’s lovely to have you here.


A little about me.

  • I’m a Bachelor degree qualified Naturopath based in Currumbin (Gold Coast) with a keen interest in helping women with menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms.
  • I love YOGA! The latest pose I’m mastering is HANDSTANDS.
  • I am the founder of Naturopathic Yoga helping women improve their health & fitness from the comfort of their own home utilising the science of Naturopathy and the philosophy of yoga, accessible 24/7. New course LEAN QUEENS is out now!
  • I love to travel and experience other cultures
  • I love anything to do with science and biohacking. I am an avid reader and podcast listener.
  • It is my mission in life to help as many women as possible a) learn about their potential and b) Help them figure out how to reach their potential so they can feel joy and contentment.

My Story.


I discovered an interest for Natural Health during my teenage years, seeing the amazing changes in my brother when he was treated by a Naturopath for glandular fever during his final year of high school.


Skip through about a decade and I found myself studying Exercise Science, realising there was so much more to health. It is not merely a fit looking body, but it is also your mindset, lifestyle, social networks and what you put into your body that creates a healthy person.


I truly discovered my passion for helping people and sharing my health knowledge once I began studying Bachelor Health Science (Naturopathy) from 2006-2009.


I was blessed to spend time working with world famous women’s health expert Ruth Trickey whilst I studied in Melbourne. It was here that my interest and experience began with helping women with their hormonal health. The changes I saw whilst working in that clinic were nothing short of incredible. Herbal medicine, diet and lifestyle changes really can help change people’s lives for the better!


In my clinic in Currumbin Waters QLD, I have successfully helped women with their various stages and cycles of life from teens throughout motherhood, menopause and beyond. I am a huge believer in working with your own body and trusting your instincts. 


I myself have battled with adrenal fatigue (especially during those early parenting days). Grabbing the easy and often less healthy food options, along with the weight fluctuations and thyroid issues that came with it! I’ve pretty much always had food intolerances and suffered for many years with insulin resistance & high cortisol levels (yes these are linked to my stress patterns).


Since I have journeyed through these health issues myself, I have consistently kept up to date with natural treatment options available, so I feel well equipped to help you if you’re in a similar health stage. I am happy to say I have more 10/10 energy days each week than not. In fact, I am constantly complimented on the amount of energy I have. 


I love encouraging people to eat more healthy food, crowding out the ‘bad stuff’ to support their gut health, immune system and discover how fun and delicious eating whole foods is. I’ve even figured out ways to get kids to take gross tasting herbs and choose their new favourite vegetables. Yes sometimes adults need the coaching around this too 😉


I work with functional pathology labs to test & discover which organs and hormones need assistance, then utilise herbal medicine and nutritional supplements to assist your body to returning a more balanced state. 

I’ve recently learned a valuable emotional release technique (NER) that helps you uncover underlying emotional driver of disease in the body. 

I live for seeing people’s a-ha moments, their health ‘wins’, as well as helping women to make more informed decisions as they navigate the often complicated parts of their health.


If you’re ready to start your journey to better health, contact me today!

Amy x