CASE STUDY – Sharing results from a recent hormone balance case.

Miss K is 23, a full time high school teacher, under a lot of pressure from students and family.

She’s in a relationship, on the pill, and has house mates (add a dash more stress here).

Her diet is ok, but needs some tweaks. (too much sugar)

She has a gym membership, but only makes it to the gym when her friend will go with her (this is maybe once a week at best). Plus it’s winter.

Too cold to get up and train before school.

Too dark to train after school. You catch the drift.

She came to me because her period has never been regular. Usually 6 weeks between bleeds when not on the pill.

She always had hormonal breakouts on her face, shoulders, chest and back when not on the pill so was worried about this.

She suffered from unexplained depression and PMS, crying for no reason sometimes. Her partner was really getting over the random sobs in the car or while watching TV. She just wanted to know what to do!

How I helped and how she helped herself…

1. She came off the pill. I’ve spoken at length about this in a podcast:

(take a look and listen for yourself). Basically, your body will be tricked into thinking it is pregnant if you’re on the pill.

2. She took some liquid herbs that regulated her cycle, helped her bowels to to keep moving (helping eliminate toxins) and to help calm her nervous system so she wasn’t so stressed all the time.

3. She committed to increasing her exercise to at least 2 x weekly. Ideally I would like to see her exercise daily, but baby steps here people, it’s Winter!

4. She cut the majority of sugar out of her diet and ate CLEAN, HEALTHY, WHOLEFOODS. Think paleo with a bit of complex carbs here and there.

5. She also took magnesium, zinc and activated B vitamins – these all showed up deficient when body analysis was performed.

2 Months later…

1. Menstrual cycle down from 42 days to 33 days

2. NO PMS! Noticeable libido (this was absent when on pill)
3. No depression
4. Sleeping through the night
5. Better energy
6. Greater motivation to exercise
7. Applied for a promotion and GOT THE JOB!

This is no made-up story. It’s based on a real person, treated by me, a real Naturopath.

If your hormones are ruining your life and you want to renew your enthusiasm and enjoyment, send me an email vis the contact us page.

Book yourself in. You deserve to feel wonderful!

Amy x

(please note client name and identifying data have been changed for confidentiality)

Photo by Ewelina Karezona Karbowiak on Unsplash