It’s so easy to just stick to the things that we ‘know’ and ‘like’.

What if I said staying within this ‘know and like’ bubble is not serving your highest self?

What if your fear and ego are keeping you firmly in that comfort zone?

Are you aware of this phenomenon?

True change begins with ONE STEP. Actually, it begins with a thought, which leads to an intention, which leads to one of two things.

1. Taking action, stepping outside your comfort zone- actually DOING that thing you’ve dreamed of.

2. Letting the fear set in and doing nothing.

The issue with number 2 is, you’ll stay exactly where you are for pretty much your whole life!

You can play an ACTIVE role in what occurs in your life. But YOU have to make the first step.

Random fact: there was a 1 in 3 trillion chance for YOU, yes beautiful YOU to come into existence (based on conception probability).

Why don’t you start making the most of that chance?!

A little while ago, I listened to a lady called Mel Robbins. She has developed something called the 5 second rule (there’s also a book written on it). Look her up. It might be the thing that helps you make that step into “where the magic happens”.

Leave a comment below of where you’ve used the 5 second rule, or where you’ve made that first step!