My name is Amy and I am a Facebook addict. A phone addict. A social media addict.

Let’s start at the beginning. Actually, I am not sure when it all truly began, but it (Facebook) just somehow edged its way into my life until it was in front of my eyes ALL the freakin time.

Sure, I run a business and I post in groups, but if I am completely honest with you and myself, most of my time on Facebook would be chatting with people about stuff. Adding my 2 cents to conversations that would happily carry on without me. And the clincher, the scrolling. The watching of endless videos in search of ‘something’. Even though I don’t know what that something is sometimes. I could Google it later if it was important.

It’s so funny really, because I gave away my TV due to my addiction to endless/mindless TV watching. What does any addict do when we take one addiction away? We replace it with something else. For me, it was Facebook (and a bit of Instagram).

Whilst the scrolling is good for other people’s businesses (when I buy the “eat more plants do more yoga” shirt that I don’t need, but I must have), and it has given me some awesome life hacks, motivational videos to watch plus all the cute cat videos.

It’s highly addictive.

(there’s science to this – see here )

I love consuming information. Don’t we all? So I was listening to Mel Robbins – you know the lady who speaks about the 5 second rule? Well she speaks about how her daughter deleted the Instagram app from her phone and she started getting better grades. An awesome entrepreneur who I follow Leela Cosgrove speaks about how she doesn’t scroll Facebook because she has too many important things to do in her workday (like every successful business person i know does), and of course, my darling husband, (bless him) has spoken to me so gently and kindly about how maybe it might be time to put my phone down or spend less time on Facebook. Ok. It is time I listened to all of you!

Since I put my phone down and deleted the Facebook app (yesterday). I’ve felt empty. There’s a big fat empty space I used to fill with my endless search for the latest knowledge, and ‘stuff’ to occupy my mind. It’s like a friend has left for an awesome holiday and I am here. In quiet stillness.

What has come out of this.

I want to experience life. I don’t just want life to happen to me. I need less addictions, and more action. More feeling, less suppression. More conversations and more growth. Experiencing life, to me is what I will tell my grand kids about one day. What others will be inspired to do. What i will share with my family while we are all still young, willing and able.

So what am I going to do with all this free time? I’m going to get my to-do list done. I’m going to prep some healthy meals. I’m going to spend quality time with my husband and kids. Because when I am half in, half out (i.e. phone in hand whilst someone is trying to talk to me), no one gets the full 100% they deserve. And i will be happier for it. We will ALL be happier for it.

I’m not telling you that you need to do the same thing as me and delete the Facebook app from your phone. But I AM saying it’s time to look at your real life. Where does all your time go? Are you tired everyday? What are you avoiding? Are there people who you need to connect with?

PUT YOUR FUCKING PHONE DOWN! Hug more friends and family. Meet them for a meal or a nice walk in nature.

One day at a time. One 5 second count down at a time. I will get there. YOU can get there.

let’s do the REAL life thing more. Because life in social media will carry on while you’re out there DOING stuff.

Are you a Facebook addict? Leave a comment below.