Last weekend I attended an amazing conference and learned a lot of new skills that upgrades the way I conduct my Naturopathy consultations. Get ready for some extra big deep dives into finding out what is actually going on beneath the surface of your health issues!

Going to events like this, always makes me look back at my past successes and experiences as I try to remould and formulate a new way of moving forward.

So the story goes…

in 2008, I was a 3rd year Naturopathy student looking for a job in Melbourne (I’d just moved there). A couple of my new friends suggested I look into working with Ruth Trickey in her Women’s Health Clinic. So sure enough, I went for the interview, and I got the job! I worked in her dispensary and on reception in the busy multi modality clinic. For those of you who don’t know Ruth, she’s a world renowned Women’s Health Expert with decades of experience helping women with all sorts of hormonal difficulties. She’s spoken all over Australia and the world on the topics of women’s hormones and has written a textbook on all the wonderful complexities of the female reproductive organs & pathologies. Here’s the link to her book if you’re interested.

Needless to say, my experience there was incredible. All my friends in student clinic would come to me as the ‘hormone guru’ since I saw a lot of holistic treatments first hand of what works and what doesn’t.

Fast forward to present day…In my clinic, I have a passion for helping well women become pregnant. The excitement I feel when they come in and say they’re ready for a baby is almost palpable. When I say ‘well women’ I mean the ones who don’t have complex fertility issues going on. They have a fairly regular cycle, although most need a little education about when they are most fertile and what they can do to fall pregnant easily. A well woman may have a few nutrient deficiencies that need addressing, and she is open to a plan to achieve the baby she dreams of. Well women also tend to be married or partnered up with ‘well men’, who are open to taking a few supplements to super charge their antioxidant (and sperm) status, clean up their diet and modify lifestyle habits to help their well woman achieve their dream baby too. Together, they are committed to a 3-4 month plan to help their bodies express the best possible genes for their child. Believe it or not, each parent has their own set of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ genes that will be expressed depending on what is going on for them at the time of conception (and the months leading up to that time).

If you fit this description, please get in touch. Together, we can create the baby (and family) of your dreams!

P.s I also have extensive experience in education around healthy pregnancy, natural birth, and breastfeeding so we can keep you well the whole way through your pre conception, prenatal and postnatal period.


Amy x