Last week, we focused on ‘what are you holding onto?’. This week, I want to help you find more happiness.

Last year I read a book by Marie Condo, applied her techniques & decluttered my entire house, and business in one day.

I prefer not to recommend treatments and techniques I’ve never tried. So that is why I wanted to focus this week on DECLUTTERING. It’s a method I learned about last year sometime when I was finding life extremely stressful. The house was messy, the kids were feral, and I wasn’t keeping up. Stress + Mess = Unhappy Amy 🙁

Something awesome happened after the declutter…

Everyone was less stressed, a lot happier and harmonious.

The kids were playing imaginatively with the toys they LOVED.

Everything had a place, so when we were finished, we put things away so we didn’t trip over or lose anything.

There was less MESS!

As I looked around my house, I LOVED all my possessions. I loved the space created in my surroundings but also in my mind. The creativity flowed again.

I had no qualms choosing clothes to wear, because I loved every single piece. No more stretched, worn out clothes, no more crappy pyjamas, and bye bye socks with the hole in the big toe.

Life felt great!

The basics are:
1. Go through the entire house in one day. All cupboards, drawers and items.
2. Don’t leave a room until you’ve been through the all items one by one.
3. Here’s the clincher. YOU choose whether the item brings you Joy or whether it doesn’t. That helps you choose what to keep and what to discard.

Go through other family member’s possessions (i.e. husbands/partners). It is up to them to get on board and help with the declutter. What is junk to you, may be treasure to them, so let them decide what brings them joy. It’s ok to help the kids decide though because they like to keep everything LOL

Keep things that are unnecessary. The book will outline this better if you’d like to read it.

Hold on to things if all you’ll get for them is a big pile in the garage and $5. You know those items? Just get rid of them!

Say good bye to your hoarding days, and hello to a simple life full of joy.

What’s your experience with decluttering? Did you like it? Are you yet to try it?

I strongly encourage you to make the time to create more space and simplicity in your life. You deserve to be happy!

If you’re wondering what else you can do to help create more space, I am launching a whole life, body & house detox program on 25th May. It will run for 4 weeks and incorporate lifestyle techniques to help you lose weight, declutter your mind and surroundings, as well as give you the tools to move forward in creating the life you desire. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Sign up here and I’ll keep you updated.

Happy decluttering!

Amy x