So I went to Bali again last week. This is the first time I’ve managed to prevent Bali Belly whoo hoo!

Want to know what I did?

So it’s not so much about what you eat, but how you prepare your body for travel starting about 2 weeks out from when you leave.

What I did:

Took immune stimulating herbs everyday. I used high strength, practitioner only brand Metagenics Andro NK. Previous trips I used liquid Echinacea, but I have found the Andro NK helped me more than plain old echinacea!

I took a high strength practitioner only probiotic (multi strain) that prevents toxins moving from the gut to the rest of the body. Think leaky gut protection here peeps! I also found this prevented the travellers constipation that so many of us suffer from. For any type of diarrhoea, SB is what I recommend to have in your travellers first aid kit.

I rested and slept when I could. I won’t lie. I was ridiculously busy and a bit stressed the days leading up to my trip, so the rest/sleep is SO important.

I meditated and did yoga every morning. Easy for a yoga teacher you say? Well, yes I AM a yoga teacher, but also I have made this ritual part of my life anyway. It helps me “human” better. I take things in my stride, I remember to breathe (most of the time) and best of all, I found it helps with my immune system while travelling. Amazing! I use a meditation app called Insight Timer, and Yoga flows from Gaia app. Just in case you were wondering.

FOOD: I would recommend you ask for gluten free options wherever possible while you are travelling. Gluten (and sugar) can increase inflammation in the gut, and the gut is where about 70% of our immune cells are created! So if you can protect the gut, you’re going to prevent getting sick! Always ask if rice is fresh and whether the rice is cooked in local water or filtered water. Old cooked rice can harbour lots more bacteria than your microbiome (gut bugs) can handle in one go, and asking the simple question of how fresh it is may save you!

Drink bottled water. This is a really obvious one, but I know some people trust overseas water! If you can remember your own stainless steel water bottle, and you fill it with filtered or bottled water, you’re doing your part for the environment too. Bali has no recycling places over there, and unfortunately, a lots of plastic ends up in the ocean. Sadface. I alway travel with my own water bottle, to play my part.

I like to travel light, and simply. So i only take carry on luggage. A back pack and a handbag is all I need. With toiletries, I squeeze things like moisturiser, toothpaste and sunscreen into tiny zip lock bags so I only take what I need.I dispense special oils I use on my face into tiny dropper bottles and I pack my manual toothbrush (at home I use an electric one). I pack a pair of shoes and wear flip flops or sandals.

So there you have it. that’s my quick run down of what I did last week to keep calm, support my immune system and how I had a great time over in Bali.

If you’re heading on a holiday soon, and you need some help preparing, get in touch for an appointment. I love travel and would love to help you stay well while you visit the world.

Amy x