How to Make a Turmeric Latte – Thermomix

The mornings are chilly, and I’m searching for warm drinks. Turmeric latte is my top choice at the moment. The spices, the anti inflammatory effects, the tummy goodness. I make mine in a Thermomix, but you can make yours on the stove top and transfer to a blender for the blending part. I am sure you’ll end up with the same delicious cup of warming goodness!

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1/2 tsp ground organic turmeric

1/2 tsp cinnamon (plus a pinch more for serving)

A good pinch of freshly cracked black pepper

Pinch ground cardamom

1cm slice fresh turmeric root

1-2cm slice fresh ginger root

1/2-1 tsp honey (to taste)

250ml Coco Quench Milk



Heat milk: 2mins, 65 degrees, speed 1.

Add the rest of the ingredients and blend at high speed to froth the milk and finely chop the turmeric + ginger.

Serve in your fave mug with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top x

P.s If you’re eating a keto diet, skip the coco quench and opt for a pure coconut milk + add 1 tsp coconut oil. Hello healthy fat burning fats!

P.p.s I’ve been off coffee for 3 weeks now because I’m on a Whole Life Detox. Want to know more? Follow this link.