Wondering why you have PMS? 
Why your period comes after 3 weeks one month (and after 3 negative pregnancy tests & a mini breakdown), a 35 day cycle the next?

It’s frustrating to have the inconvenience of not knowing where you’re up to with your period and even more frustrating to turn into a crazy lady for seemingly ‘no good reason’ when your period is approaching.

Would you like to learn about your cycle? Figure out how to track it (even without relying on an app)?

I’m running a series of local workshops and webinars in the new year to help women do this!

Let’s figure out your cycle.

Reasons why you need to know this info:

Knowing your cycle is a skill for life. You can learn how to structure your life and creative time so you are the most energetic, happy and motivated you’ve ever been.
Learn how to achieve or avoid pregnancy whenever you choose! 
Relying on the pill for contraception is like taking a panadol everyday “just in case” you’ll get a headache. It’s chemicals that can add to stress on your body and NEVER balance hormones!
You’ll have a new found confidence in yourself.
You’ll be armed with the knowledge of what is normal and when to have symptoms checked out by a health professional

Basically, you’ll be a bad ass if you learn this info.

Want to know more?

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