So you’ve just had a baby. YAY! The bleeding stops, you’ve got the feeding down pat (mostly) but the feelings are up and down. You’re on call 24/7 and whilst you LOVE being a new mum, there’s a tiredness and a “something not quite right” feeling you have. Do you tell someone about it? When you do, it’s put down to “ohhh darling you’re just sleep deprived”. It’s normal to feel depleted in the post natal period.

What if we started saying no to this?

In Australia, where I am, we have a massive divide amongst women in the community. There’s a certain social isolation that occurs when you’re a new mum. The type that makes you want to just drop everything and run down the street crying one day, and huddle up in a ball hiding the next.

Post natal depletion may not be this extreme for you, but for a lot of new mums out there, the anxiety of “getting it right” is huge. We lack the community and family around us that a few generations ago, our ancestors had.

I know when I was a first time mum, I was in the extreme category. I would stress about minor things. I would forget to eat, drink and hold onto my pee way too long.

I couldn’t put the baby down without him crying. This was most days early on. I went through this solo.

I didn’t even let on to my husband how much I was struggling because I didn’t want him to think I couldn’t do it. I wanted to be seen as strong and capable in all ways.

Then one of my experienced mum friends came to visit. She sensed my anxiety and gracefully put me in contact with the local Australian Breastfeeding Association group that would meet each Thursday morning.

Even if that was the only thing I’d get out of the house for each week for a few weeks, it was worth it.

Some of the mums there were quirky. Others staunch. I made some new friends with women who “got it”. We were all going through similar feeding/sleeping/deprivation and depletion stages.

Once I felt heard by my peers, I had the courage to speak with my husband about how I needed more help. Bit by bit, day by day, I started to eat better, sleep more and do some YOGA.

Yoga is one of those modalities that speaks to my soul. It’s calming, AND it helped trim my mummy belly back to normal. It helped me in so many ways.

My energy began to improve once I practiced yoga more regularly.

I’m so grateful for the chance to go through the anxiety, fear, worry and depletion. The reason behind this is because I can see it in other women. I can also piece together some tools and practices that can help them gain more clarity and calmness in the haze of post natal depletion.

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