Self Care and Adrenal Fatigue – A case study


*Client name changed for confidentiality*


Amelia, 36, is a working mum with 3 kids. She first came to see me when she was really stressed, anxious and in need of some coping techniques. Add to this, she was still breastfeeding her youngest child.


Amelia worked on her business most days, and when she wasn’t working, she was looking after the kids as her husband was working and studying.


She started to notice the way her body looked in the mirror. When getting ready for the shower at night, the kids kept giggling and asked her if she was having another baby. She wasn’t. She was bloated and a bit bigger around the tummy section than what she used to be.


Just before coming to see me, she had decided to begin high intensity interval training (HIIT). She had read that was the quickest way to get back in shape. After a week of those workouts, she was so fatigued, she had started drinking more coffee, and then she was so wired in the evenings, she was winding down with a glass of red wine while she was making dinner for the kids.


She was on a rollercoaster with her life, emotions and body. She really just wanted to feel normal again.


After having a great consultation, we spoke about the ways Amelia could take a little time out to allow herself to relax each day. Enter: self care. We spoke about the effects stress hormones like cortisol were having on her hormones, which could have been contributing to her adrenal fatigue, tummy bloat and weight plateau.


One of the new lifestyle suggestions I have in my clinic is Naturopathic Yoga™.

It is great for patients like Amelia because it is accessed online, the yoga sequences are presented in a beginner-friendly way, and the poses are approached from a Naturopathic perspective. You’re able to learn about the ways yoga is regulating the organs of your body as you move through the sequences.

The greatest part?

The flows are as short as 10 minutes so it is able to be incorporated into your busy morning without taking up too much time!


If you’d like to access Naturopathic Yoga™ for yourself, please follow this link .