How on earth could sitting be as bad as smoking?

This week I posted a video on my Facebook Page¬†about sitting being the new smoking. Seriously, it’s a thing!

Even if you do a gym workout or a run before work, it’s still important to get “movement” time in each day too. I’m talking walking slowly and/or standing more often. Ideally, we’re aiming for 2 hours of plain old movement per day. (I hear the gasps)

So if you’re one of those peeps that sits at a desk all day, make sure you’re getting up to make a cup of tea or have a drink of water or walk over to the toilet HOURLY. It would be ideal if it were every 5-10 mins.

Think of it this way: your body needs more oxygen to thrive. Your cells need oxygen to help them detox effectively. Your metabolism is set up for producing more heat when you’re moving and breathing deeper. Think of movement as one of the maintenance crew on your team as you go through your day.

The more you move, the better you’ll feel.

The more you circulate oxygenated blood around your body, the more your skin will glow. We all want a bit more of that don’t we?

So give it a try. Add more movement into your day. No more rockstar carparks. Park on the other side and walk over. Park 10 mins away from the school and walk to pick the kids up. Take the stairs, even if it is more than one flight! Breathe deep and let yourself have a walking break instead of staying inside or at your desk at morning tea time.

How do you like to keep moving in your day?