Anyone else had crazy dry skin lately? I’m not quite looking like this elephant  but my skin is definitely feeling in seasonal transition!

The change in season often brings a change in skin hydration levels. When your skin is dry, wrinkles seem more prominent, skin can become irritated, red, sensitive & this can increase breakouts. I also get an itchy/flaky scalp 😞

I want to share some Super Skin Secrets with you today!

1. This is a no brainer but we need to start at the beginning… DRINK MORE WATER! When our cells are dehydrated, our skin will be too. Aim for 2L (or more) per day. This can include herbal/green tea as well as plain filtered water.

2. Eat more fat. We require essential fats from the diet because our body cannot make them by itself. Good choices are avocado, deep sea oily fish such as sardines, high omega 3 fish such as salmon, nuts and seeds, coconut (especially fresh and the oil). Aim for  2 tbsp of good quality oil with each main meal per day such as olive oil or coconut oil (cook with them or have over salad).

If you’re vegan, look into Udo’s oil, Hemp oil or Flaxseed oil.

Don’t like fish? Take a good quality fish oil supplement such as Nordic Naturals Cod Liver oil capsules.

3. Exfoliate and moisturise! A beautician friend of mine likens the skin to fresh toast. If you over cook the toast, it needs to be brushed off before the butter will soak in. Your skin needs to be exfoliated before the oils/moisturiser soaks in! My favourite coconut coffee exfoliator is here. So much YUM and a nice indulgence to use 1-2 times per week. Check it out. I’m a huge fan!

4. Ditch the chemical skin products. Sodium lauryl sulfate may be a great bubble maker, but it makes our skin SO DRY and ITCHY! So steer clear of it. A lot of the time, we don’t need soap to be clean. Just use warm water and a wet face washer.

5. Maybe it’s your thyroid…If you’ve had dry skin for a long time and can’t get on top of it, your thyroid could be underactive. (other hints = fatigue, weight gain, feeling cold, brittle fingernails, low mood, constipation). The only way to figure this one out for sure is to have a thyroid function test. Contact me if you think your thyroid might be why your skin is eternally dry. I can help you get to the cause of your condition rather than just treat the symptoms. No amount of exfoliation will hydrate skin caused by an underactive thyroid.

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Amy x