Yes, they look cool, and they stop you from squinting from the sunlight, however… maybe you’re saying “why do I have vitamin D deficiency?”

Sunglasses could be standing between you and your healthier self.

1. Vitamin D deficiency– the retinas in our eye are a hot spot for vitamin D absorption. Yes, the skin, liver and kidneys play their roles too, but if you are wearing sunnies all the time, your eyes miss out of their ability to help with vitamin D.

2. You get more sunburned. Seriously! When the sunlight hits your eyes, it causes a hormonal response in the brain. The gland that controls the secretion of melanin (skin pigment) is influenced by sunlight exposure. So when you wear sunnies all the time, the brain tends to make less melanin, leaving your skin more pale, leaving you less tolerant to the sun.

3. You need sunlight in your eyes to reset your hormones. I see mostly hormonally imbalanced women in my clinic. This piece of info is spoken about SO frequently!! Similar pathway to above- the sun hits the eyes, the brain knows you’re awake, it resets the sleep/wake cycle, allowing for more melatonin (sleep and beauty hormone) secretion when the night begins.

So I can hear some of your saying it now “but my optometrist said I HAVE to wear sunglasses”. How about you meet me half way and stop wearing sunglasses for half the day?

Try it out! Your vitamin D, skin and hormones might be relying on it