There’s so many things we have to get done in a day. It’s quite overwhelming to think about it sometimes. This post is one of awareness. Let’s meet some parts of the darker side of being a parent.

You know that pain you get in your tummy after having the kids leftovers, or the bloating you have in the afternoon, and the crazy sweet cravings you have at 3pm when your sleep deprived body starts screaming out for a nap, but you have too much to do to even consider having some sleep?!

These are a few of many symptoms that we women TOLERATE. So I ask you today… What are you tolerating? What little whispers are coming from your body? What is it going to take for you to take action and begin to listen to them?

I want to share a few tips with you so you don’t need to keep tolerating niggling and sometimes nagging symptoms.

  1. Sleep deprivation & feeling tired all the time. I don’t know any parent who has managed to keep their sleep pattern the same despite having kids. Sometimes it is unavoidable. My daughter has food intolerances and if she has something that doesn’t agree with  her, she wriggles and wakes up all night long 🙁 And sometimes my son has nightmares so he wakes up yelling out to my husband and I. So if sleep deprivation is hitting you, make sure you go to bed as early as possible (another blog post is coming up with more reasons why). Make sure you’re eating enough and not living on toddler left overs (we’ve all been there). And make sure you’re getting your bare feet on the ground each day, and sunlight on your face/body. This helps regulate your hormones and circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle).
  2. Digestive symptoms. IBS, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, pains in the tummy. THESE ARE NOT NORMAL and they are probably one of the easiest symptoms to tune into. Eat less gluten/bread, eat more fresh fruit and veggies. Take a probiotic and a good quality magnesium supplement. Not sure what to take? Contact me for an appointment to discuss your needs.
  3. Anxiety. Such a common symptom among new mums. We just want what’s best for our baby/child right? Well what if I told you your anxiety might be the reason behind your kids not sleeping well? They pick up on our nervous energy and stay awake, fighting sleep even though they KNOW they are tired. If you’re anxious, have you told anyone about it? Have you looked into your dietary habits? Are you getting outside for a walk each day? Are you remembering to breathe? Here’s a great resource I’ve used in the past. Becoming aware of your breath is often the first step in calming yourself down and experiencing less anxiety. Nutrients and herbal medicine can work from first dose such as L-theanine, Kava, Passionflower and Magnesium. There are some cases where these herbs may not be suitable for your treatment, so always be sure to run it past your health professional first. Looking for a new one to speak to? Book in to see me.

Now you have some tips to work with, what are you going to do? What works for your symptoms? Leave a comment below x