What causes acne?

It’s a common question I get asked. I’ve actually had it myself. I can graciously say it is a condition I ‘had’ rather than ‘have’ now, and I certainly understand why it causes so much anguish.

Why is this so prevalent? If you ask me, it’s coming back to the good old hormone imbalance story again.

For some women I see, ACNE can be caused through poor dietary choices or simply consuming the foods they are intolerant to such as sugar, dairy, eggs or gluten. (*I offer in house food intolerance testing to help you pin point food triggers*)

Skin issues always stem from some sort of gut dysfunction and/or hormonal imbalance.

PCOS ladies will know all about the skin breakouts, and so might the ladies with progesterone issues.

It is not uncommon for menopausal women to have skin breakouts because their testosterone levels can remain normal while their oestrogen declines.

The typical presentation of adult acne is along the jawline, chin, some bumps on the forehead, sometimes the back, chest and shoulders.

So what should you do?

It’s not about the latest and greatest skin products, although I do recommend sticking to as natural as possible.

What works for one woman may not be the fix for the next, but I have found liver support through herbal medicine and supplementation to help as well as specific probiotic strains and a low GI diet with strict dairy & sugar avoidance.

> Are you drinking enough water? Consuming at least 2L daily definitely helps.

> Have make up free days (also opt for natural cosmetics)

> Go to the beach or bathe your face in salt water if you don’t live in a coastal region.

> Make sure your face sees the sunshine everyday (with no products on your skin)

> Consider a zinc supplement 25mg elemental per day (take it with food to avoid nausea)

> Check your stress levels- find some stress reduction techniques if you’re constantly stressed.

Don’t go on roaccutane, antibiotics or the pill until you have looked into ALL other possible reasons and options for treating your acne. There are plenty of options to try before going down this harsher (side effect ridden) route.

If you’ve tried EVERYTHING and you’re not sure what to do next for your skin, send me an email. I’m here to help!

Amy x