Want to learn how to boost your Vitamin D Levels Naturally?

I’ve been there! How about you? If you’re in Australia, chances are, your vitamin D is low and you don’t know it. I live on the Gold Coast, and even though it is super sunny almost every single day, I have had vitamin D levels that were around 40 nmol/L. During pregnancy! Not great for my bones or my growing baby’s skeleton & nervous system! (For the record, I was taking 3000 IU daily for 5 months to correct this deficiency)

So what’s the big deal? I get outside in the sun and the deficiency corrects right? No, not necessarily!

> Some people have genetic variations that might hinder their body’s ability to synthesise enough vitamin D from their sun exposure.

> Some of us are born with less vitamin D receptors (VDR), leaving us more likely to become deficient simply because we don’t have the ability to absorb all the vitamin D from the blood.

> If you’re obese, your vitamin D essentially gets ‘stuck’ in the excess fat cells, leaving you more likely to be vitamin D deficient.

If you are someone with dark skin, your ability to utilise vitamin D is hindered and you may need 100% more sun than a pale person to achieve the same amount of vitamin D in the body.

> If you have a desk job, if you spend a LOT of time indoors, and never get out in the sunshine, I will guarantee, you are deficient in Vitamin D.

Add to this, recent skin cancer campaigns encourage people to wear sunglasses, sunscreen, hats and long shirts to protect them from skin cancer. When you have all of the ‘slip, slop, slapping’, there is no way you can make enough vitamin D.

Some people take a vitamin D supplement, but they don’t take the correct dose, so after their 2nd or 3rd bottle, they stop, only to remain deficient *sigh

So how can we remedy this?

Let’s begin with the Naturopathic perspective here. Go and have your levels tested. Ideal levels are 100 nmol/L. Although the current deficiency stated by pathology labs say less than 50 nmol/L is deficient. If you have an auto immune condition, you might need more like 150 nmol/L to further support your immune imbalances.

Adequate vitamin D levels are required for all the behind the scenes work in your body. Think nervous system, immune system (vitamin D is very anti-cancer, preventing tumour growth- shown in some studies), bones, muscles, metabolism and hormones. If you’re low in vitamin D, then any or all of these body systems can be affected.

Can I get vitamin D from my diet?

Yes, if you take cod liver oil, or eat mackeral and sardines. Or if your butter is cultured or if you have fortified foods (like almond milk) with vitamin D added.

The amounts in these foods is minimal, so would be considered maintenance rather than correcting a deficiency state.

If you’re deficient after having your levels tested, you can take a vitamin D supplement – to the vegans out there, most of the vitamin D on the market is in a base of lanolin or in gelatin capsules so please ensure you ask before you buy!

Since the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are varied, and sometimes silent, I would recommend having a blood test with your GP to find out your levels. Especially since we are in Winter here.

If you need help with correcting your vitamin & mineral deficiencies, I can help. Contact me here.

Amy x