Why do you get a headache before your period?

It can complicated for each woman, though from my experience with the women I see in my clinic, headaches around your period is usually due to hormones.

When hormones drop just before your period, a headache may happen due to higher levels of circulating oestrogen, or there could be a change in neurotransmitters such as serotonin.

Perhaps you feel moody/irritable at the same time as your headache?

Here’s what you need to do!

Take time out. Sounds almost impossible with the busy lives that we all lead, but this is THE most important factor for women having hormonal headaches. Self Care is not selfish. It is 100% necessary.
The fact your body is slowing you down with a headache means you need to allow yourself the time and space to FEEL how you’re feeling!
Some good ways to take self care: 
1. Epsom salt bath
2. Walk in nature – solo
3. Lay down and read a book
4. Go have a massage
5. Mani/pedi
6. Take yourself to the movies
7. Spend time with a friend who is like minded and helps support and build you up

Lastly, make sure you’re taking magnesium. It’s the most common nutrient deficiency I see in women, and it is very difficult to get enough from diet alone.
300mg elemental magnesium per day can help to PREVENT your hormonal headaches. If you’re unsure of brands to use, shoot me through a message and I can help you choose one.

And make sure you’re drinking loads of water – at LEAST 2L a day – more in warm climates. The water will help your body process hormones and flush your system, leaving you feeling much lighter!

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