When someone comes into my clinic, there’s an air of allowing the feeling of safety and space to tell their story, perhaps for the first time in their life. (tears are often included here). People often say “thank you for listening to me, I feel so much better” as they finish their consultation.

To me, I actually don’t know any other way. It is so important you feel seen, heard and properly listened to so I can help uncover the obstacles that might be affecting your health.

Doctors have their roles in emergency situations and diagnosing diseases, while Naturopaths play a massively important role of space holder, and listener. We often spend an hour or more with each client. This allows a lot of awareness to occur for you as the client and us as your practitioner.

Commonly, once we tune into a significant event or habit that is affecting our everyday living in a subconscious way, it allows us you to take back control of reality.


*Ange comes in with hormone issues, weight gain around the thighs and tummy. She has varying bleeding patterns. Sometimes her period is really heavy, and sometimes she has two periods in the month. Her appetite goes for all the sweet things, her mood is really up and down, her energy is low, and she has trouble sleeping. She would really like to level everything out so she can have the energy to get through the day with ease.

After I listened to her concerns, I asked about when these issues began. It started when she had moved house and started a new job where she was the only woman in the office.

We uncovered a pattern that Ange goes into every month. When she feels stressed, she tries to cover up all of her feelings with food, and ‘keeping busy’ to hide the fact she feels otherwise. She doesn’t give herself time to rest or recuperate, so she’s left in a downward spiral every time her period comes around.

She didn’t realise this pattern was linked to her work and stress until I asked more questions and she was able to open up about how she really felt.

We put together a treatment plan that Ange committed to and she started feeling better the next time her period came.


  1. Listening to her body. When she was reaching for extra sweet foods, she could switch it out for some fruit, or sometimes she even preempted it with eating more protein at the meal before so the craving wasn’t as strong as usual.
  2. She booked in some alone time for herself every month. She took herself for a walk on the beach, or she went to her favourite cafe for lunch, or she had a massage. Something that filled her cup and made her focus on the present moment instead of feeling stressed about all the things she ‘should’ be doing. There’s also a big thing Ange learned to do and it was to say NO to things that she really didn’t want or need to do when she was feeling tired or cranky.
  3. She took magnesium, B vitamins and herbal medicine to help balance her energy, sleep and stress patterns (these were selected due to her personal circumstance. Please ask your health care practitioner before making any diet, supplement or lifestyle changes to ensure your safety)

This was the beginning of Ange taking control of her health. It all started when she had her space held, she became aware of what needed to change, and then she committed to taking action to step forward towards her best, most balanced self.

Are you curious how this might work for you? Get in touch and we can get you on track asap!