It’s a bit of a buzz word right now. 16:8, 5:2, Juice fasting, Water fast.

Thinking what the heck is she on about? haha Keep reading.

Fasting is basically going without food for a number of hours or days for the sake of health or religion.

Some facts + Science:

When you have a high protein diet, it’s like putting an accelerator on in your cells. The high levels of IGF1 (insulin-like growth factor) keep cells multiplying and building (think people who exercise a lot and take their protein shakes etc after working out to build muscle). Dairy is also a high source of IGF1.
High levels of IGF1 can be correlated to chronic disease and inflammation such as diabetes type 2, arthritis, heart disease.

I’d be interested to see how decreasing IGF1 would work on women’s hormone issues such as PCOS and endometriosis!

When you go without eating (and decrease protein intake), your cells slow down their multiplication, and actually go looking for extracellular debris (think inflammatory cells, old cells, unused nutrients, toxins etc) to gobble up and excrete. It’s like clean up Australia Day on the inside!

When we fast, the levels of IGF1 decrease and levels of HgH (Human growth hormone) can increase. This is said to have anti ageing and vitality increasing effects.

There’s lots of retrospective data indicating that cultures that fast tend to live longer, healthier lives as well as maintain better lean body mass. The Okinawan people (Google them) are an obvious example as they have more centenarians (people that live over 100 years old) than any other culture known.

Then there’s the cultures that fast as part of religion like muslims for Ramadan only eating after the sun sets and before sunrise for 40 days a year.

So what should YOU do?

Try it out on yourself! Easiest to fit in (that I’ve found) is 16 hours fasting, 8 hours to eat 2-3 meals. So eat dinner early, then don’t eat again til lunch time the next day.

Well I can say I’ve given Fasting a go. The longest I’ve fasted is from about 4pm one day til about 1pm the following day.

The effects on me:

 I felt full very quickly.

 I didn’t crave for foods while I was fasting, although a few hours after eating that first meal, I felt satisfied by eating something sweet like fruit after my meal.

 My energy was good, although by the time lunchtime came on the second day, I was starting to feel a bit cranky and tired.

 Over time (3 months) I lost around 3 kg. So nice steady weight loss. I am a small frame so wouldn’t really want to decrease my weight too much anyway!

When shouldn’t you fast?


 Eating disorder / control issues around food

 Women with hormonal issues should only fast twice per week as is it can increase testosterone/mess with your menstrual cycle if you fast too much.

What about you? Have you tried fasting?

Those of you who need to lose weight, this might be your answer 

Leave a comment below with your method and how it made you feel!